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I wrote some books

Since I have this website, I may as well tell you about a few books I wrote.

The latest one: Kyria Dynami!

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And I managed another book. I am shocked.

“Kyria Dynami” tells you about a female superhero with a bad past, and a nerdy programmer. Somehow they have to do something about a super-powered criminal because the police draw a blank.

You can find “Kyria Dynami” on Amazon. 🙂

Yes! It happened, finally!

“Hekser” is live and for sale on Amazon!

Join Teresa Jones as she discovers new friends. Her life changes and she moves to Norway (how coincidental) and finds out some weird, fun, sexy and also scary truths…

Ben and Babette

‘Ben and Babette’ is my first attempt to writing something. It’s a ‘straight’ naughty story about a short affair between an older woman and a younger man.

It is on Amazon.

Hotel of Dreams

Hotel of Dreams is a naughty story about Carlie who is in need of a hotel in the middle of the night. This is also a ‘straight’ naughty story. The last one as I decided I didn’t like writing that.

That’s on Amazon too.

Jeannie and Qrik book 1

I loved writing this. Science fiction and women loving women.

Jeannie meets an alien woman and is literally swept away by her, going on space adventures.

It is here on Amazon.

Jeannie and Qrik book 2

Yes, I was busy. I really love Jeannie and Qrik.

This story takes them on a strange adventure when all they had to do was to take a spacecraft from the assembly site to the planet of the person who ordered it.

Of course. On Amazon.

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