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Lesbian Defeats Male Boss Who Demoted Her

As usual, good news found on eroticlesbianromance! Lesbian Running for S.C. Sheriff Defeats Male Boss Who Demoted Her With her win in Charleston County, Kristin Graziano becomes South Carolina’s first woman and first out gay sheriff. To me, this isn’t a case of Democrat or Republican, it’s a case of a wrong being righted, or karma being aContinue reading “Lesbian Defeats Male Boss Who Demoted Her”


Elisabeth Moss-Handmaid’s Tale Star- Cast as Bi Former Rep Katie Hill — Drama Erupts

eroticlesbianromance  October 7, 2020 2 Minutes The announcement of a new movie based on the former Congresswoman was just made but Hill’s Congressional Twitter account has come out against it. BY MEY RUDE OCTOBER 07 2020 12:23 PM EDT Emmy and Golden Globe winner Elisabeth Moss is set to play bisexual former Congresswoman Katie Hill in a streamingContinue reading “Elisabeth Moss-Handmaid’s Tale Star- Cast as Bi Former Rep Katie Hill — Drama Erupts”

Cynthia Nixon On Why She Identifies As ‘Queer’

(As usual, successfully stolen from The Ratched star has been notoriously private about her identity.  BY DAVID ARTAVIA SEPTEMBER 11 2020 12:05 PM EDT Actress Cynthia Nixon confirmed she identifies as queer in a new interview with Attitude magazine. The revelation comes two years after she was first asked if she identified as queer.Continue reading “Cynthia Nixon On Why She Identifies As ‘Queer’”

Lesbian wrestlers smashing stereotypes and changing the wrestling game

Found on EroticLesbianRomance. Follow them. They post good stuff. 🙂 JAMES BESANVALLE 16 MAR 2019 Like most competitive sports, seeing openly LGBTI wrestlers can be a rare occurrence. But that’s all slowly changing. There are a handful of LGBTI wrestlers making waves in the wrestling game, smashing stereotypes, and living their lives out and proud.Continue reading “Lesbian wrestlers smashing stereotypes and changing the wrestling game”

Young queer women don’t like Lesbian as a name…here’s why.

Another good one stolen from Romantic Lesbian Erotica: I know, this is in fact a dated repost, but with the way the craziness of 2020 has spun out of control, it’s time to look at relevant issues that sometimes get pushed aside during times like this.  This is a piece from Slate which is actuallyContinue reading “Young queer women don’t like Lesbian as a name…here’s why.”