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Ohhhmmm. Or something like that.

Yeah, you’re probably surprised.


We’re learning meditation. I’m not giving away the way we do it (or we’re supposed to haha) because the teacher needs to make a living too, right?

I talked about this with Britt for a while, and the doctor agrees. This might be a good thing for me. Stuff about staying alive and such, which sounds good enough to me. So we looked up a few meditation places here in K’sand and called them.

They’re all kind and cool people, but some of them were a bit on the floating end of the spectrum, I would say. Power to them but they didn’t sound like the kind of people I could handle.

Meditation is really one of the weirdest things I am trying to experience. It’s a whole lot of doing nothing when you look at it. And that makes that a lot happens inside, in places you can’t see or think your way into.

Even worse: the more you try to think, the less effect it has. You have to basically tell your mind to shut the fuck up for a while. Ehm. Right. Yesterday’s first lesson was more a wrestling match. The teacher had to laugh when I told her that. And of course, Britt said it was cool to do.

While it’s me who has to get the knack. Oh well. I have the instructions to keep practicing and Britt to keep an eye on me. And next week the teacher comes back to check on my progress. Hell, if I can shut up for a few minutes that would already be progress hahaha.

Okay, here is a little thing I can share. Do it, folks. It’s good for you. (Or so I’m told, so far hahaha!)


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